Radiology is central to the clinical practice of medicine across a wide range of disciplines. It is the indispensable tool in modern medicine. Radiology equipment provides the best practical way to diagnose, monitor treatment and detect progression or relapse of many important and common diseases in a minimally invasive and anatomically precise manner. As a result of increased sophistication and accuracy of imaging, the utilization and importance of radiology equipment has increased dramatically and consistently over the last 20 years.

We GME Medical Incorporation Noida (NCR DELHI) INDIA understand the importance of imaging science thus provide a full range of Radiology equipment such as Conventional and high frequency X-ray machines. Digital and Analog OPG, Dental X-ray machine, Mammography, GME Medical Incorporation NOIDA (NCR DELHI) INDIA, aspire to provide Radiology equipment of latest innovated technology. Other than this, Radiology equipment at GME Medical Incorporation NOIDA (NCR DELHI) INDIA, are AERB/BARC, MUMBAI approved and also ISO/CE certified and thus has received a great demand. It is mandatory on the part of all medical and diagnostic centers to use AERB/BARC approved Radiology equipment and also get the room layout approval from concerned authority. We GME Medical Incorporation NOIDA (NCR DELHI) INDIA, also help our clientele in securing this approval in a hassle free manner.

We understand that Radiology equipment suppliers should be reliable, quick and ready to provide necessary support whenever required as medical field calls out for urgencies at any point of time. GME Medical Incorporation NOIDA (NCR DELHI) INDIA, provides a precise range of skills to make sure products are supplied and fixed to the highest level of quality. GME Medical Incorporation NOIDA (NCR DELHI) INDIA, has prided itself on the premier quality of its Radiology equipment. Our Radiology equipment go through a multipoint inspection & biomedical engineering process to bring the Radiology equipment back to manufacture’s original performance specification.

We GME Medical incorporation NOIDA(NCR DELHI) INDIA, ensure to engage service engineers for continuous maintenance and repair of equipment for prompt action on 24 x 7 basis. We always make sure that the patients and staff are comfortable and safe with the provided Radiology equipment.